Mustang High Performance Shop

Engine Upgrades

At AED Racing, we are passionate about pushing the limits of what Ford vehicles can achieve, starting with the heart of the car – the engine. Our engine upgrades are meticulously designed to boost power, torque, and overall performance. From custom tuning to installing high-performance pistons and camshafts, we ensure your Mustang reaches its full potential.

Suspension Modifications

Transforming the way your Mustang handles is a crucial part of performance upgrading. Our suspension modifications include installing lowering springs, performance struts, and sway bars to enhance stability and handling, allowing for a more engaging and responsive driving experience.

Performance Tuning

With specialized performance tuning, we fine-tune your vehicle’s parameters to maximize its performance. Through ECU remapping and custom dyno tuning, we can unlock your Mustang’s hidden power, improving its acceleration and overall driving dynamics.

Exhaust Systems

Upgrading to a high-performance exhaust system not only enhances your Mustang’s sound but also significantly improves exhaust flow and engine efficiency. At AED Racing, we offer a range of exhaust solutions that provide that aggressive roar without compromising on performance.

Intake Systems

A high-flow intake system is vital for increasing airflow to your engine, improving both horsepower and torque. Our selection includes the latest in cold air intakes and air filters, designed to breathe new life into your Mustang’s performance.

Turbocharging and Supercharging

For those seeking extreme power, our turbocharging and supercharging options are the ultimate upgrades. These systems significantly increase air induction, allowing for monumental gains in horsepower and torque, transforming your Mustang into a track-ready beast.

Brake Upgrades

With great power comes the need for great stopping power. Our brake upgrades feature high-performance brake pads, rotors, and calipers, ensuring your Mustang stops as quickly and safely as it accelerates.

Custom Wheels and Tires

Enhance your Mustang’s stance and performance with our custom wheels and tires. Designed for both aesthetics and function, these upgrades improve grip, handling, and durability, making every drive an exhilarating experience.

Aerodynamic Enhancements

Reducing drag and increasing downforce, our aerodynamic enhancements include everything from front splitters to rear spoilers, all tailored to improve your Mustang’s stability and performance at high speeds.

Chassis Strengthening

To cope with increased power and performance, chassis strengthening is essential. We install roll cages, strut bars, and chassis braces to reinforce your Mustang’s frame, enhancing its rigidity and handling.

Interior Upgrades

Your Mustang’s interior should match its performance. Our interior upgrades include racing seats, custom steering wheels, and gauge clusters, providing comfort, control, and crucial information at a glance.

Dyno Tuning

Our dyno tuning services are all about precision. By measuring your Mustang’s performance on our dynamometer, we can optimize engine parameters for maximum efficiency and power, providing personalized tuning that matches your driving style and performance goals.

Track Preparation

Preparing your Mustang for the track is a meticulous process. Our track preparation services include everything from safety equipment installation to performance optimizations, ensuring your vehicle is competitive, reliable, and ready to dominate on the racetrack.

Racing Parts and Accessories

We stock an extensive range of racing parts and accessories catering to every aspect of your Mustang’s performance. From drivetrain components to fuel systems, we have everything you need to maintain, upgrade, and customize your vehicle.

Performance Consultations

At AED Racing, we understand that every Mustang and its driver are unique. That’s why we offer personalized performance consultations to discuss your goals, budget, and how we can transform your vehicle into the high-performance machine of your dreams.

Whether you’re looking to dominate the track or simply enhance your driving experience, AED Racing is your go-to Mustang high performance shop. With our expertise, dedication, and passion for performance, we’re here to turn your Ford Mustang into a true powerhouse. Trust us to provide not only the parts and services you need but also the knowledge and support to help you achieve your performance aspirations.

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