2020 Ford Explorer St Performance Upgrades

Engine Upgrades

At AED Racing, we understand the thrill that comes with enhancing the performance of your 2020 Ford Explorer ST. A key focus for us is offering top-tier engine upgrades that unlock the full potential of your vehicle. Let’s explore some of the enhancements we specialize in.

Turbocharger Kits

Our turbocharger kits are designed to significantly boost the power output of your Explorer ST. By increasing the amount of air and fuel that can be combusted within the engine, these kits provide a remarkable improvement in horsepower and torque.

Cold Air Intakes

Another effective upgrade is the installation of a cold air intake system. By drawing in cooler air, the engine can perform more efficiently, resulting in better throttle response and increased power.

Exhaust Systems

Upgraded exhaust systems not only enhance the sound of your vehicle but also improve its overall performance. A well-designed system reduces backpressure, allowing your engine to expel gases more effectively and thus perform better.

Tuning and Programming

Custom tuning and ECU programming can unlock your vehicle’s hidden potential. Our experts at AED Racing can optimize your Explorer ST’s performance for power, efficiency, or a balance of both, based on your preferences.

Suspension Upgrades

Improving your Explorer ST’s handling and stability is essential, especially when increasing its power output. We offer a range of suspension upgrades tailored to your needs.

Lowering Kits

Lowering your vehicle not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also lowers its center of gravity, improving handling and reducing body roll.

Performance Shocks

Upgrading to performance shocks can significantly improve the ride quality and handling of your Explorer ST, making it more responsive and enjoyable to drive.

Sway Bars

Installing upgraded sway bars helps in minimizing body roll during sharp turns, enhancing the stability and cornering performance of your vehicle.

Brake Upgrades

With increased power comes the need for better stopping ability. Our brake upgrades ensure that your Explorer ST can handle the extra speed safely.

Performance Brake Pads

High-quality brake pads are crucial for reducing stopping distance and improving the overall braking performance of your vehicle.

Upgraded Brake Rotors

Larger, slotted or drilled brake rotors dissipate heat more efficiently, reducing the risk of brake fade during heavy use.

Brake Caliper Upgrades

Upgraded calipers not only improve the aesthetics of your Explorer ST but also provide better clamping force, further enhancing your vehicle’s stopping power.

Exterior Upgrades

AED Racing offers a variety of exterior upgrades to enhance the look and aerodynamics of your 2020 Ford Explorer ST.

Body Kits

A well-designed body kit not only improves the appearance of your vehicle but can also enhance its aerodynamic performance, reducing drag and improving fuel efficiency.


Adding a spoiler to your Explorer ST can improve its high-speed stability by increasing downforce, which is especially beneficial for performance enthusiasts.

Wheels and Tires

Upgrading to lighter, stronger wheels and high-performance tires can significantly improve your vehicle’s handling, acceleration, and braking capabilities.

Light Upgrades

Enhancing your vehicle’s lighting not only adds to its visual appeal but also improves visibility for safer driving, especially at night.

Interior Upgrades

To match the enhanced performance and exterior of your vehicle, interior upgrades are also essential. AED Racing provides a range of options to improve comfort and control.

Performance Seats

High-quality performance seats offer better support during aggressive driving, ensuring that both driver and passengers remain secure and comfortable.

Steering Wheel Upgrades

An upgraded steering wheel can provide better feedback and control, improving the driving experience significantly.

Shift Knobs

Custom shift knobs not only personalize the interior of your Explorer ST but also enhance the tactile feel of gear changes, making driving more engaging.

Other Upgrades

At AED Racing, we offer additional performance upgrades to complement the aforementioned enhancements.

Performance Upgrades for Transmission

Upgrading the transmission can improve response times, deliver faster shifts, and handle increased power from the engine more effectively.

Upgraded Cooling System

An upgraded cooling system ensures that your vehicle’s engine maintains optimal temperatures, even under extreme driving conditions, prolonging its lifespan and maintaining performance.

Electronic Upgrades for Performance Monitoring

With the latest in electronic performance monitoring systems, you can keep track of your Explorer ST’s vital statistics, ensuring that it is always performing at its best.

At AED Racing, our dedication to enhancing your 2020 Ford Explorer ST’s performance knows no bounds. Trust us to provide the knowledge, parts, and support needed to take your driving experience to new heights.

2020 Ford Explorer St Performance Upgrades

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