2022 Ford Explorer St Performance Upgrades

2022 Ford Explorer ST Performance Upgrades

At AED Racing, we understand the passion and dedication Ford enthusiasts have towards enhancing the performance of their vehicles. The 2022 Ford Explorer ST, with its robust design and impressive capabilities, presents a fantastic baseline for upgrades. In this article, we’ll dive into the various performance upgrades available to take your Explorer ST to the next level.

Engine Upgrades

ECOBoost Optimization: To maximize the potential of the Explorer ST’s engine, we recommend starting with ECOBoost optimization. This includes upgrading the turbochargers, which is essential for increasing the horsepower and torque. Additionally, installing high-performance fuel injectors and spark plugs will ensure your engine runs more efficiently and powerfully.

Exhaust System Upgrades

High-Flow Exhaust: Upgrading to a high-flow exhaust system not only enhances the sound of your vehicle but also improves overall performance by reducing back pressure. This allows your engine to breathe better and expel gases more efficiently, contributing to an increase in power.

Suspension Upgrades

Sport-Tuned Suspension: For those looking to enhance their Explorer ST’s handling, a sport-tuned suspension kit is a must. Lowering springs and performance shocks can significantly improve cornering and stability, offering a more engaging driving experience.

Braking System Upgrades

High-Performance Brakes: With increased power, upgrading the braking system is crucial. High-performance brake pads and rotors, along with upgraded brake lines, will provide better stopping power and fade resistance, ensuring your safety and confidence on the road and track.

Transmission Upgrades

Transmission Tuning: Enhancing the transmission can lead to smoother and quicker shifts, translating to better acceleration and performance. A transmission tune, adjusted shift points, and a high-performance torque converter can make a significant difference.

Air Intake Upgrades

Cold Air Intake System: Installing a cold air intake system will improve your vehicle’s air induction efficiency. By drawing in cooler air, your engine can perform better, offering noticeable gains in horsepower and torque.

Tuning and ECU Upgrades

Custom ECU Tuning: One of the most impactful upgrades for enhancing performance is custom ECU tuning. Tailoring the vehicle’s computer settings can unlock hidden power, optimize fuel efficiency, and improve throttle response.

Intercooler Upgrades

Upgraded Intercooler: To keep your engine’s temperatures in check, especially after other performance upgrades, installing a larger, more efficient intercooler is critical. This will ensure sustained performance by preventing heat soak and maintaining optimal air intake temperatures.

Wheels and Tires Upgrades

Performance Wheels and Tires: The right set of wheels and tires can drastically enhance your Explorer ST’s performance and appearance. Lightweight wheels reduce unsprung mass, improving acceleration, braking, and handling. High-performance tires offer better grip and responsiveness for both daily driving and spirited endeavors.

Body Kit and Aerodynamics Upgrades

Aerodynamic Enhancements: To complement your performance upgrades and give your Explorer ST a more aggressive stance, consider adding a body kit. Aerodynamic components such as splitters, spoilers, and side skirts not only improve the look of your vehicle but also contribute to better handling by reducing lift and drag.

At AED Racing, we’re passionate about empowering Ford enthusiasts to push the limits of their vehicles. With these performance upgrades for the 2022 Ford Explorer ST, our clients can enjoy enhanced power, improved handling, and a more thrilling driving experience. Whether you’re aiming to dominate on the track or simply enhance your daily drive, our team is here to provide the expertise and quality components you need. Drive with passion, and let AED Racing help you achieve your automotive aspirations.

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