2021 Explorer St Performance Parts

2021 Explorer ST Performance Parts

At AED Racing, we’re passionate about pushing the limits of Ford’s already impressive lineup, and the 2021 Explorer ST is no exception. This versatile SUV has proven itself to be a formidable platform for both daily drivers and performance enthusiasts alike. With the right performance parts, its potential is limitless. Whether you’re aiming to shave seconds off your lap times or seeking a more exhilarating ride on the open road, let’s dive into the essential upgrades that will transform your Explorer ST.

Exhaust Systems

Performance Exhaust Headers and Mufflers: The key to unlocking the throaty growl and potential power within your Explorer ST lies in upgrading the exhaust system. Performance exhaust headers and mufflers not only enhance the sound of your vehicle but also improve exhaust flow and efficiency, leading to noticeable gains in horsepower and torque.

Cold Air Intakes

Feeding your engine cooler air is a fundamental step in boosting performance. A high-quality cold air intake system not only increases airflow to your engine but also improves throttle response and fuel economy, making it a must-have for any performance-oriented upgrade.

Tuning Chips and Suspension Upgrades

  • Tuning Chips: To truly unlock the potential of your 2021 Explorer ST, integrating a tuning chip can alter your vehicle’s factory settings for performance gains. It’s a quick way to increase power output and adjust your vehicle’s parameters for optimized performance.
  • Suspension Upgrades: To handle the additional power and ensure your Explorer ST sticks to the road or track, upgrading the suspension system is crucial. Enhanced components like shocks, struts, and springs can dramatically improve handling, reduce body roll, and elevate the driving experience.

Brake Upgrades and Turbocharger Kits

  • Brake Upgrades: With added power comes the need for improved stopping capabilities. High-performance brake pads, rotors, and calipers ensure your Explorer ST can handle the rigors of high-speed driving while maintaining safety and reliability.
  • Turbocharger Kits: For those seeking maximum performance gains, a turbocharger kit can significantly increase the horsepower and torque of your Explorer ST. Paired with an intercooler upgrade, this can transform your SUV into a true powerhouse.

Transmission Upgrades

Enhancing the transmission with high-performance parts ensures that your Explorer ST can handle increased power levels while offering smoother and more responsive shifting. This is vital for maintaining the integrity and longevity of your vehicle under high-performance conditions.

Wheels, Tires, and Body Kits

  • Wheels and Tires: Upgrading to lighter, stronger wheels and high-performance tires not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your Explorer ST but also enhances grip, handling, and acceleration.
  • Body Kits: A well-designed body kit not only adds a unique look to your Explorer ST but can also improve aerodynamics, reducing drag and lifting at high speeds for better stability and performance.

Enhancing Performance Further

  • Performance Throttle Bodies and Spark Plugs: For improved air and fuel flow, upgrading the throttle body is recommended. High-performance spark plugs ensure better ignition, contributing to cleaner, more efficient combustion.
  • High-Flow Fuel Injectors: To meet the increased air intake, upgrading to high-flow fuel injectors ensures your engine receives the optimal fuel mixture for higher performance levels.
  • Performance Radiators and Oil Coolers: Keeping your engine cool under extreme performance is essential. Upgrading to a performance radiator and oil cooler can prevent overheating, ensuring your Explorer ST performs optimally at all times.

At AED Racing, we understand the thrill of pushing your vehicle to its limits. The 2021 Explorer ST presents a perfect canvas for modification, and with the right performance parts, it can transcend its factory settings to become something truly extraordinary. Our expertise and passion for Ford performance make us your ideal partner in achieving your performance goals. Whether you’re upgrading for the track, the drag strip, or simply for a more engaging drive on the road, AED Racing has the parts, knowledge, and support to bring your vision to life.

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