Best Mustang Performance Shops


Welcome to AED Racing, your premier destination for all things related to enhancing your Ford Mustang’s performance. With a passion for both the race track and the street, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive solutions that cater to every aspect of Mustang performance enhancements. From the roar of an upgraded engine to the sleek aesthetics of a custom body kit, our team is dedicated to making your performance dreams a reality.

Performance Parts Installation

At AED Racing, we understand that the heart of any performance vehicle is its parts. Our selection of high-quality components ensures your Mustang not only performs at its peak but also remains reliable on and off the track. Our services include everything from engine upgrades to exhaust system installations, ensuring your vehicle delivers unparalleled power and sound.

Engine Upgrades

The engine is the powerhouse of your Mustang, and enhancing its performance can transform your driving experience. We specialize in cooling system upgrades, intake and exhaust modifications, and comprehensive engine rebuilds to maximize power, efficiency, and durability.

Suspension Enhancements

A superior suspension system is crucial for handling and stability, especially when pushing your Mustang to its limits. Our suspension enhancements range from basic upgrades to complete overhauls, designed to improve ride quality, handling, and performance on any terrain.

Tuning Services

Tuning is an art, and at AED Racing, we are the artists. Our tuning services include dyno tuning and ECU mapping, perfectly calibrating your Mustang for optimal performance. Whether for daily driving or competitive racing, our tuning services ensure your car is running at its best.

Racing Modifications

For those who hear the call of the track, we offer specialized racing modifications that comply with various racing standards and classifications. From roll cages to weight reduction strategies, we prepare your Mustang to excel in any racing scenario.

Custom Fabrication

Your dream Mustang should be as unique as you are. Our custom fabrication services allow for personalization beyond the factory limits. Whether it’s a one-off exhaust system or a bespoke body modification, we bring your vision to life with precision and passion.

Body Kit Installation

Aesthetics meet performance with our body kit installation services. We offer a range of kits that not only enhance your Mustang’s appearance but also improve aerodynamics, contributing to better performance and efficiency at high speeds.

Brake Upgrades

Power is nothing without control, which is why we emphasize the importance of brake upgrades. From pads and rotors to full brake systems, our upgrades ensure your Mustang stops as well as it goes, providing safety and performance.

Wheel and Tire Packages

The right wheel and tire packages can significantly affect your Mustang’s performance and look. We offer a selection of high-performance tires and lightweight wheels designed to enhance traction, handling, and style.

Cooling System Upgrades

Keeping your Mustang cool under extreme conditions is vital for performance and longevity. Our cooling system upgrades, including high-performance radiators, water pumps, and cooling fans, ensure your engine maintains optimal temperatures, even on the hottest days or toughest tracks.

Interior Modifications

The interior of your Mustang should be a cockpit that inspires confidence and comfort. Our range of interior modifications includes racing seats, steering wheels, and custom gauge installations, enhancing both form and function inside your vehicle.

Transmission Upgrades

A robust transmission is key to transmitting your Mustang’s power to the ground efficiently. We offer comprehensive transmission upgrades, including clutch replacements and gear ratio changes, ensuring smooth, quick, and reliable gear shifts under any conditions.


At AED Racing, we are driven by a passion for performance, quality, and the Ford Mustang legacy. Our expertise, dedication, and comprehensive range of services make us the best Mustang performance shop for enthusiasts looking to push their vehicles to the limit. Whether you’re aiming for the podium on the track or seeking the ultimate driving pleasure on the road, trust AED Racing to take your Mustang to new heights of performance and style.

Best Mustang Performance Shops

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