Engine Upgrades

Introduction to 2020 Ford Explorer ST Performance Parts

Welcome to AED Racing, your go-to source for enhancing your Ford Explorer ST’s performance. Our expertise in modern Ford performance allows us to cater to both racers and car enthusiasts who demand the best for their vehicles. Striving to push the envelope of what your 2020 Ford Explorer ST can achieve, we present an array of performance parts designed to optimize your driving experience and unlock the full potential of your vehicle.

Engine Upgrades

Unleashing the Power

At the heart of any performance vehicle is its engine. Transforming your Explorer ST starts with upgrading the engine components. From cold air intakes to performance turbochargers, these enhancements not only improve horsepower and torque but also ensure your engine runs more efficiently and cooler. Our selection of 2020 Ford Explorer ST performance parts is curated from the industry’s leading manufacturers, ensuring quality and compatibility.

Exhaust Systems and Downpipes

A robust exhaust system does wonders for performance by reducing backpressure and enhancing exhaust flow. This results in a noticeable improvement in power output and a satisfyingly aggressive exhaust note. High-flow downpipes further augment this by enabling the turbo to spool quicker, offering a significant leap in acceleration and throttle response for your Explorer ST.

Suspension Upgrades

Improving Handling and Stability

Upgraded suspension components are pivotal for not just a smoother ride, but for superior handling and stability at high speeds. Lowering springs, sway bars, and performance shocks and struts are among the 2020 Ford Explorer ST performance parts we offer to refine your vehicle’s ride quality and cornering abilities. With these upgrades, your Explorer ST can achieve a lower center of gravity, reduced body roll, and a more planted feel in all driving conditions.

High-Performance Braking Systems

When you enhance your vehicle’s speed and handling, it’s crucial to upgrade the braking system to match. High-performance brake pads, rotors, and calipers ensure that your Explorer ST can stop as swiftly and safely as it accelerates. These upgrades provide better heat dissipation, reduced brake fade, and improved overall braking performance.

Interior Enhancements

Combining Comfort with Performance

The interior of your 2020 Ford Explorer ST should reflect its performance capabilities. Upgrades like racing seats, steering wheels, and pedal kits not only add a sporty aesthetic but also improve driver feedback and control. High-quality materials and ergonomics ensure that comfort isn’t sacrificed, making every drive, whether on the track or the street, a pleasure.

Exterior Modifications

An aggressive and aerodynamic exterior not only turns heads but also contributes to performance. Aerodynamic components like front splitters, rear diffusers, and spoilers reduce drag and increase downforce, translating to better high-speed stability and cornering. Our range of 2020 Ford Explorer ST performance parts includes options that will give your vehicle a distinctive look while enhancing its performance attributes.

Performance Tuning

Tuning the ECU (Engine Control Unit) of your Explorer ST is like unlocking hidden potential. Custom tuning can adjust fuel delivery, ignition timing, and boost pressure to fully optimize the engine’s performance with the upgraded parts. This not only maximizes gains from the modifications but also ensures the engine runs smoothly with the new setup, offering an unrivaled driving experience.

Choosing the Right 2020 Ford Explorer ST Performance Parts

Selecting the right performance parts for your 2020 Ford Explorer ST can be daunting. At AED Racing, we understand that every driver has unique goals and preferences. Whether you aim for heart-pounding speed, precise handling, or a show-stopping appearance, our specialists are here to provide personalized recommendations. Leveraging our extensive experience and passion for Ford performance, we guide you through every step of your upgrade journey, ensuring you achieve the vision you have for your Explorer ST.

Final Thoughts

Enhancing your 2020 Ford Explorer ST with performance parts is not just about unleashing its power but also about transforming your driving experience. At AED Racing, we are committed to helping you navigate the vast world of performance upgrades, offering top-quality products, expert advice, and unmatched customer service. Let’s make your Ford Explorer ST stand out on the road and perform even better than you imagined.

Interior Enhancements

What are some common misconceptions about performance parts for the 2020 Ford Explorer ST?

One of the most frequent misconceptions we encounter at AED Racing is the belief that installing performance parts will immediately void the vehicle’s warranty. While it’s true that certain modifications can affect the warranty, not all upgrades have this outcome. It’s all about choosing the right parts and understanding the warranty terms. Another myth is that all performance parts deliver the same level of quality and improvement. In reality, the manufacturing quality and compatibility with your Explorer ST significantly influence the enhancements these parts can offer. We emphasize the importance of selecting high-grade parts specifically designed for the 2020 Ford Explorer ST to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

How do I choose the right engine upgrades for my 2020 Ford Explorer ST?

Choosing the right engine upgrades involves understanding your goals for the vehicle and how each component contributes to achieving them. For individuals aiming to boost horsepower and torque, starting with a cold air intake system and performance turbocharger can be quite effective. These upgrades work by improving the engine’s breathing and efficiency. It’s also crucial to consider the synergy between various parts. For instance, coupling a high-flow exhaust system with a performance downpipe can significantly enhance the turbo’s responsiveness. At AED Racing, we often discuss these goals with our customers to guide them in creating a well-rounded performance package that meets their expectations.

Why are high-quality exhaust systems crucial for performance?

A high-quality exhaust system is foundational to unlocking the potential of your 2020 Ford Explorer ST. The right exhaust system reduces backpressure, allowing the engine to expel gases more efficiently. This improvement not just boosts power but also contributes to the engine’s health by reducing operating temperatures. Additionally, the exhilarating sound of a well-designed exhaust system can enhance the driving experience. It’s not just about volume; it’s about creating a resonant, deep tone that reflects the vehicle’s heightened capabilities. At AED Racing, we often remind customers that investing in a durable, performance-oriented exhaust system is as much about the auditory thrill as it is about power gains.

How do suspension upgrades impact handling and stability?

Upgrading the suspension of your 2020 Ford Explorer ST can dramatically transform its handling and stability. Components like lowering springs, sway bars, and performance shocks work together to lower the vehicle’s center of gravity and reduce body roll during cornering. This leads to a more connected and engaging driving experience, particularly at high speeds or when navigating tight turns. Beyond just improving performance, these upgrades contribute to safer driving dynamics by enhancing the vehicle’s response to steering inputs and reducing the likelihood of oversteer or understeer. We’ve seen countless customers delighted by the marked improvement in their Explorer ST’s agility after a suspension upgrade–a testament to the role these components play in driving enjoyment and performance.

What benefits does performance tuning offer for my Explorer ST?

Performance tuning, particularly ECU (Engine Control Unit) tuning, acts as the linchpin for harmonizing upgraded parts and unlocking their full potential. By customizing aspects like fuel delivery, ignition timing, and boost pressure, tuning ensures that all upgraded components work in concert to achieve maximal performance gains. It’s akin to fine-tuning an instrument to produce the perfect pitch; in this case, the instrument is your Explorer ST, and the pitch is its performance. Not only does tuning amplify power outputs, but it also facilitates smoother engine operation and optimized fuel economy under increased performance demands. We’ve observed that after a professional tune, many customers are pleasantly surprised by the notable difference in their vehicle’s responsiveness and power, even if the physical upgrades seem minimal.

How can I ensure I’m selecting the right performance parts for my goals?

Choosing the right performance parts for your 2020 Ford Explorer ST requires a clear understanding of your objectives and how each component contributes to them. At AED Racing, we start by listening to what you hope to achieve–be it improved track times, enhanced daily driving enjoyment, or a show-worthy appearance. From there, we consider the interplay between various upgrades to recommend a comprehensive package that aligns with your ambitions. It’s also vital to prioritize quality and compatibility; opting for reputable brands known for their commitment to Ford Explorer ST performance ensures the best results. We encourage an open dialogue and are always here to provide insights and advice, helping you make informed decisions on your performance journey.


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