Explorer St Modifications

Introduction to Explorer ST Modifications

At AED Racing, modifying Ford vehicles is not just a service; it’s our passion. The Explorer ST, with its robust framework and potential for enhanced performance, provides a perfect canvas for modifications. Whether you’re looking to elevate your daily commute or optimize your vehicle for the racetrack, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to take your Explorer ST to the next level.

Lift Kits

Enhancing Off-road Capabilities: Installing a lift kit is one of the primary steps for drivers aiming to improve their Explorer ST’s off-road performance. It not only increases ground clearance, allowing for better maneuverability over rough terrain but also enables the accommodation of larger tires.

Suspension Upgrades

Improving Ride Quality and Handling: Upgrading the suspension system can significantly enhance the Explorer ST’s handling and ride comfort. Whether it’s shock absorbers, springs, or complete suspension kits, we at AED Racing provide tailored solutions to meet your driving demands.

Performance Tuning

Maximizing Engine Output: Performance tuning can unlock the Explorer ST’s full potential. From ECU tuning to the installation of performance chips, these modifications can increase horsepower, torque, and overall engine efficiency.

Body Kits

Aesthetic and Aerodynamic Enhancements: Body kits are not just about enhancing the vehicle’s appearance; they can also improve aerodynamics. A well-designed body kit can reduce drag and increase downforce, enhancing the Explorer ST’s stability at high speeds.

Wheels and Tires

Optimizing Traction and Performance: The right set of wheels and tires is crucial for achieving desired performance levels. We offer a broad selection of racing, off-road, and custom wheels, along with high-performance tires that provide optimal grip and handling.

Interior Modifications

Elevating Comfort and Functionality: Enhancing the interior of the Explorer ST can significantly improve your driving experience. From sport seats and steering wheels to custom gauges and pedal kits, we help personalize your vehicle’s interior to suit your style and needs.

Lighting Upgrades

Improving Visibility and Appearance: Upgrading the lighting can transform the look of your Explorer ST while improving visibility. LED conversion kits, fog lights, and underbody lighting are among the options we provide to lighten up your ride.

Roof Racks and Accessories

Expanding Storage and Utility: For enthusiasts looking to enhance their Explorer ST’s functionality, roof racks and accessories offer the perfect solution. Whether it’s for extra storage or mounting sports equipment, we have a variety of options to suit your needs.

Paint and Wrap Options

Customizing Your Vehicle’s Aesthetics: A new paint job or vehicle wrap can completely transform your Explorer ST’s appearance. From classic colors to bold patterns, we provide expert advice and services to achieve the look you desire.

Bumper and Grille Modifications

Refining the Front End: Modifying the bumper and grille can significantly impact the Explorer ST’s front-end appearance and aerodynamics. We offer a range of custom bumpers and grilles designed to enhance aesthetics while improving airflow to the engine.


At AED Racing, we understand the thrill of driving a fully customized Ford Explorer ST. Our comprehensive range of modifications is designed to satisfy every performance enthusiast’s desires, whether it’s for aesthetics, functionality, or enhanced performance. With our expertise and dedication to quality, let us help you transform your Explorer ST into the ultimate driving machine. Contact us today to start your modification journey.

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