Unveiling AED Racing’s Ford Explorer ST Stage 1 Build

Automotive enthusiasts and tuner car fans, prepare to have your engines revved! In the world of performance, AED Racing is synonymous with innovation and speed. Their latest creation, the Ford Explorer ST Stage 1 build, isn’t just a testament to raw power — it’s an artful blend of speed and sophistication that’s sure to dominate the asphalt. This long-form blog post unveils the intricacies of AED Racing’s transformation, inviting you to witness the marriage of power and precision in the beloved Ford Explorer ST.

AED Racing isn’t your run-of-the-mill custom shop. It’s a sanctuary for those who dare to dream, where every nut, bolt, and individual part is meticulously crafted to bring your automotive fantasies to life. With a relentless focus on the latest performance upgrades and an unapologetic love for speed, AED Racing has carved a name for itself in the hearts of the automotive community. We don’t just modify vehicles; we take them to heights the manufacturers never imagined.

The Beginning: A Stock Ford Explorer ST

Before we dive into the details of the Stage 1 build, let’s take a moment to appreciate the foundation of this project — the stock Ford Explorer ST. Launched in 2019, this high-performance SUV boasts a twin-turbocharged V6 engine that produces 400 horsepower and 415 lb-ft of torque. It also comes equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive, and advanced suspension for a smooth and exhilarating ride. But for AED Racing, this was just the beginning.

The Transformation Begins

As soon as the Ford Explorer ST arrived at the AED Racing headquarters, it was clear that this SUV was destined for greatness. The team wasted no time in getting to work, starting with the most crucial aspect of any performance build — the engine. AED Racing replaced and upgraded the stock air intake and exhaust systems to increase airflow and maximize power output. The ECU was also remapped, optimizing fuel delivery for even more horsepower and torque. With these modifications, the Explorer ST’s performance was already on par with some of the top sports cars on the market.

The Suspension and Brakes

Of course, a high-performance vehicle isn’t just about straight-line speed — it needs to handle corners and curves with precision as well. To achieve this, AED Racing added custom coilover suspension and sway bars to the Explorer ST, resulting in improved handling and stability. But they didn’t stop there.

Exterior and Interior Enhancements

AED Racing knows that performance isn’t just about what’s under the hood — it’s also about making a statement on the outside. That’s why we deleted the stock roof rail racks for improved aerodynamics and a more aggressive look. The sleek black wheel center pieces were also custom to match the Explorer ST’s bold and sporty aesthetic. Inside, AED Racing added some luxurious flare to the leather seats with contrast custom leather paint, along with a custom colored stitching to match the fire red ST.

The Final Product: A Masterpiece on Wheels

After a few solid weeks of hard work and fine-tuning, the Ford Explorer ST Stage 1 build was complete, and the result was nothing short of spectacular. With a staggering increase in horsepower and torque, improved handling, and a bold new look, this SUV had been transformed into a true performance machine. But perhaps the best part? It still maintained all the practicality and versatility of a standard Explorer ST, making it the ultimate daily driver for those who love both speed and substance.

From Stock Suspension to Race-Ready

After hard work and meticulous attention to detail, AED Racing’s Stage 1 build of the Ford Explorer ST was ready to hit the streets. But for AED Racing, the job is never really done. They continue to push the limits and strive for perfection with every new project they take on, constantly raising the bar in the world of high-performance vehicles. Take a look at the Explorer ST Stage 1 full list of performance upgrade parts.

The Ford Explorer ST Stage 1 Build Details

The Stage 1 build is more than a mere list of part installations; it’s a symphony of meticulously selected upgrades designed to harmonize with the Explorer ST’s DNA. From improved intercooling to a custom tuning and everything in between, each enhancement plays a vital role in transforming this family hauler into a powerhouse of performance.

The Heart of the Beast

The Whipple Mega Cooler Intercooler and the FENFABrication Performance Test Pipes / Downpipes team up to deliver icy breaths of air to the Explorer’s power unit. It’s a marriage that gives the engine’s combustion the ideal conditions to churn out additional horsepower, with substantial torque numbers to boot.

Free-Flowing Exhilaration

Every performance aficionado knows that power can only be as good as the ability to exhale. The Thermal R&D 3″ Cat-Back Exhaust System ensures a free-flowing exhaust path, reducing backpressure for a deeper, more aggressive growl, and serving the performance engine with an orchestra of notes to match its muscle.

Thermal R&D 3" Catback Exhaust Explorer ST

Inhaling Performance

The AFE Momentum GT Cold Air Intake System is not just about adding a dash of bling to the engine bay; it’s a critical element in improving the Explorer ST’s aspiration. Cooler, denser air intake translates to a more violent bang in the cylinder and more power delivered to the wheels.

AFE cold air intake explorer ST

Precision in the Palms

With the added performance comes the need for precision, and the Explorer ST’s modified landscape doesn’t disappoint. The Turbosmart BOV Kompact Dual Port inserts a technologically advanced control, managing boost pressure and ensuring that energy is released with surgical precision.

The Ground Game

Enhanced power is only part of the equation; handling must complement it. Enter the H&R Lowering Springs — vehicles don’t just gain a menacing stance, they also benefit from a lower center of gravity, reducing body roll and democratizing the asphalt for the driver’s personal track day.

H&R Lowering Springs Explorer ST

Strengthening the Resolve

Beyond speed and handling, structural reinforcement is key. The ID Speed Rear Differential Brace and FENFABrication Ford Explorer ST Rear Subframe-Lockout Kit ensure that the additional performance doesn’t torque the chassis in unhealthy ways, keeping the vehicle planted on rapid accelerations and sharp curves.

Ford Explorer ST Suspension Upgrades

Linking it Together

The FENFABrication ST Vertical Link and the 2020+ HP Rear Toe Links by FENFAB complete the chassis modifications, turning the Explorer ST into a harmonious unit, equally at home on straightaways and serpentine roads.

Ignited Performance

With the NGK Spark Plugs firing the cylinders, the Explorer ST’s engine is prepared to harness the full potential of the modifications, ensuring a clean, consistent combustion event.

Intelligent Performance

The AED RTD+ Device & HP Credits are the heart and brain of the modifications, offering a user-friendly interface to control and monitor the extra ponies. It’s the kernel of the performance upgrade, where the fine balance between raw output and tempered drivability is achieved.

Custom Ford Explorer ST Tune

AED partnered with ZFG for the Ford Explorer ST Stage 1 build. This advanced tuning solution is designed to maximize the performance of the vehicle, taking into account all of the individual enhancements and calibrating them for optimal results. Through careful analysis and testing, ZFG’s Custom Tuning unlocked even more power and torque from the Explorer ST’s engine, providing an unrivaled driving experience. With AED’s commitment to constantly improving and refining their tuning, rest assured we’re getting the best possible performance from the Stage 1 build. So whether it’s for daily driving or taking on the track, AED Racing + ZFG Custom Tuning is there to enhance every aspect of the Explorer ST’s performance.

Exploring the Car Community with the Explorer ST

The Ford Explorer ST Stage 1 build by AED Racing is a revelation in the automotive world. It shows that performance and utility need not be at odds; they can exist harmoniously in a vehicle that’s as comfortable carving canyons as it is trudging through snow. The safety and stability the Explorer ST was known for are amplified with the dawning of a new era of speed and precision.

This build reflects AED Racing’s commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining expectations. It’s an invitation to those who crave more from their vehicles, and to fans who appreciate the painstaking effort put into custom tuning. It’s a beacon for automotive enthusiasts to follow and a canvas for the community to engage with and admire.

No description can do justice to the visual transformation that the Ford Explorer ST undergoes in AED Racing’s garage.  The sleek and powerful SUV is given a new lease on life with the addition of AED’s Stage 1 build.

The AED Racing Legacy Continues

With this Stage 1 build, AED Racing has once again proven why they are leaders in the world of performance tuning. Their attention to detail and dedication to pushing the limits of what’s possible is evident in this Ford Explorer ST build. And with more projects in the works, we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next. So buckle up and stay tuned for more exciting builds from AED Racing! Because when it comes to performance, there’s no better choice than AED Racing. Whether you’re looking for your very own Stage 1 transformation or seeking inspiration for your next project, AED Racing is the destination for those who refuse to settle for the ordinary.

The story of the Ford Explorer ST Stage 1 build is just the beginning. It’s a narrative of quality, dedication, and raw automotive spirit that continues to unfold at AED Racing. Ready your engines, for the next chapter awaits with our Stage 2 upgrades.

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