Injector Dynamics Id1700

Injector Dynamics ID1700

At AED Racing, we’re always on the lookout for components that can elevate the performance of Ford vehicles, and the Injector Dynamics ID1700x is at the top of our list. Known for its exceptional performance and reliability, the ID1700x is a key player for those looking to enhance their vehicle’s capabilities, whether on the track or the street.


Advanced Technology: The ID1700x injectors utilize the latest in injector technology to provide smooth and consistent fuel delivery across a wide range of operating conditions.

Compatibility with Ethanol: These injectors are designed to be compatible with ethanol-rich fuels, making them an ideal choice for racers and enthusiasts looking to maximize performance.


The ID1700x injectors boast impressive specifications including a nominal flow rate of 1700cc/min at 3.0 bar (43.5 psi) using gasoline. This high flow rate is essential for high-performance applications requiring a substantial amount of fuel.


Designed with versatility in mind, the ID1700x is compatible with a wide range of Ford engines. However, it’s crucial to verify the specific fitment for your model to ensure optimal performance and proper installation.


Though the installation process can vary based on the specific vehicle, we at AED Racing provide comprehensive support to ensure a seamless experience. We recommend professional installation to guarantee the best outcome and performance enhancements.


Essential Adjustments: After installing the ID1700x injectors, tuning your vehicle is imperative to achieving the best performance. Proper tuning ensures that your engine runs smoothly and efficiently with the new injectors.

Expert Support: At AED Racing, our team of experts is available to assist with tuning and optimization, ensuring you get the most out of your upgraded injectors.


The ID1700x injectors are designed to significantly improve the performance of your Ford vehicle. Whether you’re aiming for higher horsepower on the track or enhanced drivability on the street, these injectors can help you achieve your goals.


Customer reviews highlight the transformative impact of the ID1700x injectors on performance. Many report increased power, smoother engine operation, and a noticeable difference in acceleration.

Comparison with Other Injectors

  • Compared to standard injectors, the ID1700x provides a higher flow rate, making them suitable for more demanding applications.
  • When compared to other high-performance injectors, the ID1700x stands out for its compatibility with ethanol fuels and advanced technology.


While the ID1700x injectors represent a significant investment, their performance benefits and durability make them a valuable upgrade for serious enthusiasts and racers. We offer competitive pricing and can provide a quote tailored to your specific needs.


At AED Racing, we strive to keep the ID1700x injectors in stock, but availability can vary due to demand. We recommend reaching out to us for the most current stock information and lead times.


Injector Dynamics provides a comprehensive warranty for the ID1700x, ensuring peace of mind and protection for your investment. For detailed warranty information, our team is here to assist.


  • Can I install the ID1700x injectors myself? While self-installation is possible for experienced individuals, we recommend professional installation for optimal performance and safety.
  • Do I need to tune my vehicle after installation? Yes, tuning is essential to ensure that your vehicle runs properly with the new injectors and to achieve the best performance gains.
  • Are these injectors compatible with all Ford models? The ID1700x injectors are compatible with many Ford models, but it’s important to verify compatibility with your specific vehicle.

At AED Racing, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best products and support for their Ford racing and performance needs. The Injector Dynamics ID1700x injectors are a prime example of the premium components we stand behind, capable of transforming your vehicle’s performance. For more information or to discuss your specific requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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